About Us

Yıldırım Law Office

Yıldırım Law Firm was founded in 2001 by Att. Ugur YILDIRIM in Istanbul. While continuously developing since it was founded, it has represented and provided global legal and consultancy services to domestic and foreign persons and legal entities. The Firm is an independent full-service law firm which practices at the highest professional rules of conduct and ethical standards, in a diverse range of legal matters including: “Commercial Law”, “Criminal Law”, “Real Estate Law”, “Employment Law”, “International Law”, “Immigrant and Foreign Law”, “Associations Law” and “Press Law”.

The professional and dynamic team of the firm is capable of providing all legal needs of clients with its business experience and academic acknowledge of legal software programs which contain all case-laws, enforcement programs and information technologic (IT) systems.

With the slogan, "The most significant right is that of defense,” being on the side of the right, working focused on success with the slogan “No excuse is a substitute for success”, Yıldırım law firm is dedicated to establishing long-term relationship based on mutual trust with the principles of accuracy and honesty.

Yıldırım Law Firm continues to offer professional services with its skilled and expert team, strictly adhering to the rule of law and the principles of the profession while providing innovative and efficient solutions to the client’s needs, following the latest developments in Turkey and world.